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Founded in 2018, Surface Experts® repairs small damage on most hard surfaces, including countertops, floors, cabinets, bathtubs, sinks, appliances, and so much more.  

Surface Experts evolved from Jacob Grady's ten years of running spot repair businesses in Portland, OR, and Bogota, Colombia. What started as a small business to raise money for a girls' home in Colombia has grown into a nationwide franchise system. 

When dealing with inevitable surface damage, most maintenance professionals resurface or replace the entire surface, costing thousands of dollars. We repair just the damaged area, preserving the durability and beauty of the original surface at a fraction of the replacement cost. Our average repair is complete in less than 1 hour and ready to use in less than 4 hours, saving customers the time and hassle of total surface replacement.

Surface Experts is a great business opportunity, offering the following:

  • Executive Led Model: Franchisee manages a team of repair technicians and salespeople.  
  • 98% B2B Service: Core market is multi-family housing, hospitality, construction and restoration companies, realtors, and moving companies. Residential service is a supplemental revenue stream.  
  • Mobile business: Business can be run from a small office space (150-350 sq ft) or from home. 
  • Recession Proof: Jacob Grady’s original spot repair business launched and then flourished during the Great Recession. Despite Surface Experts being a young franchise system at the outset of the COVID pandemic, we grew rapidly through 2020-2022, launching many new franchises and seeing an increase in revenue. 
  • Comprehensive Training: We offer a complete training program for our Surface Experts franchisees and specialized training for our Surface Expert technicians and salespeople. This includes initial training for all owners and new employees, and ongoing advanced training. 
  • Fast Launch Plan: From Franchise award to open unit in 6-8 weeks.  
  • Franchise Support: We have a support center that is dedicated to assisting franchisees in administrative tasks. We have coaches for every position, including sales, technicians, and owners.


To establish and lead a nationally recognized market for surface repair as an alternative to replacement or complete refinishing. Our goal is to be represented in every major metropolitan area, and for our brand to be synonymous with spot repair among all facilities and maintenance management. 


Our repair process is a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern technology and materials. Surface Experts repairs hard surfaces, including tubs, shower surrounds, all hard floors, laminate and stone countertops, cabinets, stainless steel appliances, glass cooktops, wood, and tile. We pride ourselves in our ability to provide incredibly fast service while maintaining a friendly, professional atmosphere in our support center and on job sites. 


In the minds of consumers, our closest competitors are resurfacing companies. However, Surface Experts’ spot repairs are a far different service: more affordable and more durable than resurfacing. 

Many people choose to resurface damaged countertops and bathtubs. More affordable than replacement, resurfacing is a quick fix that looks great at first, but inevitably fails: bubbling, peeling, and flaking away. Not only are Surface Experts’ spot repairs a fraction of the cost of resurfacing, but they are far more durable, preserving the integrity of the original surface.

Resurfacing also comes with significant odor disturbance. Resurfacing a bathtub, for example, requires one or two pints of product, producing a smell so strong that the living space cannot be occupied for 2 or more days while the odor airs out. Our typical repair requires only 1 to 2 tablespoons of product, generating minimal odor that dissipates within two hours.  

With minimal odor disturbance and a quick cure time, our repairs are perfect for hotels and occupied housing.


This franchising information is not intended as an offer to sell a franchise or the solicitation of an offer to buy a franchise. Certain states regulate the offer and sale of franchises. If you are a resident of one of these states we will not offer or sell you a franchise unless and until we have complied with the applicable presale filing, registration, and disclosure requirements in your state.



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